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Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:27 am

1: No abusive language or excessive swearing is to be used on the forums.

2: No threats are to be made and or directed at other members.

3: No pictures containing offensive content are to be placed in public general threads. Users will be notified of such content deemed to breach this rule and will be deleted.

4: Any complaints or issues moderators may miss are free to be passed on via PM to a Admin for discussion and or action.

5: Links to sites with pictures or videos in public sector must not be of explicit nature or will be deleted.

6: Moderators and Admin have the rights to filter and delete any material that is deemed inappropriate for the forums.

7: Kill Them All Clan will not be held responsible for any slander/libel comments posted on this forum.

8. Kill Them All Clan accepts no responsibility for comments or statements made by any users of this forum

9: It would be greatly appreciated if you observe and respect the simple rules in place pertaining to the forum.

The above rules will help to create and sustain a friendly clean environment for all its members. It will also assist with providing a respectable image to other clans and the public.

Breaches of the above rules can lead to bans being imposed on those users that break the rules.

1st Offense = Warning
2nd Offense = 1 week
3rd Offense = Final = Permanent ban

Regards, Admin

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