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How to join KTA

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How to join KTA

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:37 am

Welcome to the =K>T>A= Kill Them All clan.
Please Note: KTA is strictly an invitation only clan, anyone applying for membership must have a recruiters name. Or the application will be overlooked and deleted.
Any good quality player over 18 years that believes in fair play and having fun can apply to join KTA.
It is up to members to use their heads and think about what spoils games for everyone and what they want their gaming experience to be within the following firm playing guidelines.
We play by what we call 'Fair Play' rules which are as follows:

* Have fun
* Focus on winning the game and not only getting a high score
* No hacking or glitching of any kind is acceptable
* No statspadding. Points come easily with tight squad action
* No punishing fellow members under any circumstance
* No camping and No roof camping on titans
* No ramming.
* Use VOIP and communicate
* Follow the orders given by your squad leaders regarding the squads tactics and support your squad
* No deliberate Ramming

How to join KTA
1. Join up using your BF2142/BC2/BF3 nickname as your forum user name
2. Post an entry with your request to join in the KTA Clan Application section, using a copy and paste of the following application form questions

A) Exact BF2142/BC2/BF3 Player Name:
B) Other BF2142/BC2/BF3 Soldiers:
C) Recruiter (Sponsor):
D) Are you over 18yrs?:
E) Games Played:
F) Previous Clans and why you left them:
G) Do you use a microphone (hint: answer must be yes)?:
H) Why do you want to join KTA?:
*I) Do you understand and agree with KTA playing guidelines?:

3. You need to be sponsored by a KTA officer in order to be given an invite to join KTA, and their name must be provided on the application.
4. Check out the forums and get involved

KTA is a gaming clan, so the members are expected to have fun and express themselves as to how they would like the clan run.
There is no minimum requirement in terms of amount of time you must spend playing the game.

*To confirm you have read and agreed to these terms, please type: 'I agree with fair play policy' in section (I) of application.

Also please note: Once you have forum access, it DOES NOT mean that you are a part of KTA and that you may wear our tags. Once you have put in an application to join the clan, you will have to wait for an official approval to be given to you. You will know when this occurs, as a clan admin or recruiter will contact you both ingame and on the forums. You wiil then be asked to put your kta tags (all in lower case) on, and enter a probation period. Only then may the =K>T>A= clan tag, be used on your soldiers account ingame.

Thanks KTA Admin

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